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Sometimes I wonder how ordinary people see the world. It’s like, how do you get to sleep without a knife under your pillow or take only one shower a day or go to the bathroom without washing your hands before and after and do anything without checking or counting? What is life like when you can control your mind and body? What was childhood like when the monsters where in your closet and not living down the street? I cant even Imagine what I could get done if I didn’t have migraines and anxiety attacks. Can you explain it to me because that sounds like a really awesome life you got going for you over there.


Suicide: An Honest Discussion


Another week, another video. Except this week it isn’t just “another video”. It’s probably one of my most important to date.

I can’t tell you how many times since I have started working as a therapist that I hear about suicidal thoughts, attempts etc. I don’t say this to make light of the situation. I do say it so that you understand that it happens. It is my belief that we can prevent this from happening, and you have all the tools to help yourself at home right now!

I want you to find a journal that you haven’t used yet, and hop online. We are going to look up some motivational quotes and write them down in your journal. You only need to find a couple of them that really touch you. Then turn the page. I want you to them write down your reasons for recovery. I know you don’t think you have any, but you do! Think about things that you want to be around for, or dreams that you have had before your ED told you you couldn’t. 

The last thing I want you to do is reach out to one person!! Anyone! They could be on twitter, tumblr, youtube, a friend, a facebook friend, or even a suicide hotline. I don’t care who, just as long as you reach out for help. Cause we all know that when we are struggling we have been isolating, canceling plans, staying in bed all day, and not seeing anyone. So reach out! You are worth recovery! You can do this! I know it is hard but I am here to help and we can all work together and fight through this! I want you to listen to this video closely, replay it if you are having a hard time. There is a better way and a brighter future for you, and we can get there together!

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